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The majority of my clients are via referrals.

'I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my daughter, who is now in a much more settled place and we are as well as a result. Gerry has been instrumental in helping us get to the bottom of some issues that we have been struggling with for quite a few years and surpassed flummoxed input from GP's, dieticians and OT's. Gerry has been sensitive, reliable, knowledgeable and consistent in her care and we are very grateful for her support.' Mrs M

'Gerry was able to connect instantly with my daugher. She has a lot of difficulties with social interactions but she was able to talk and open up and feel much better about herself as a result of these sessions. We opted for one a week to begin with and then reduced to once every two weeks when we felt she was in a more stable place. It has really helped - especially with school anxiesties and not wanting to go in and all the grief that this brings with it. Thank you.' Mrs L

'I was able to gain in-sight into patterns in life that I had not previoulsy been aware of. In recognising these, I made changes. Not big ones, but enough to see that doing something different was better than continually doing the same thing with no results. I feel that I can look at things in a different way and that I have the ability to be better rather than sink into a feeling where I am unable to work my way out and become someone I, or my family, don't like very much.' Mr J

'Felt pretty low. Stuck because friends went to Uni and I didn't. Felt like I had no direction and a bit lost. Thought there was something wrong with me. Gradually realised that things weren't quite the way I thought they were and I could change what was happening. Took a while but it did happen. In a better place now. Know that this could change but think I'm ok with that. We'll see,' D. P

'Gerry was easy to talk to. My daughter liked her and enjoyed seeing her every week. Gerry has been a massive help to her and helped her work through some of her issues. She has been a huge help to me, with helping me to understand some of the issues that my daughter has been dealing with and giving me the guidance to carry on helping at home. You're brilliant at what you do and I'm so glad I found you.'
Mrs W.

'Life was very difficult for us. No one seemed to understand exactly what we were going through, we were judged by others and looked down on as parents. Nothing we seemed to do worked, and the heart and soul of our home had disappeared. You helped us to see where things could change and slowly, they did. Can't thank you enough.' Mr and Mrs F.

'When my youngest son was struggling in a new school and he was unable to cope emotionally with day to day demands, I knew I needed to seek professional help and advice so that I could better equip my son for the challenges that lie ahead. After speaking to a friend, I got in touch with Talk Through It. After an informal meeting to get to know us as a family, Gerry organised sessions at school so that she could visit my son in the environment he found most difficult.
Over the course of time and after an Educational Psychologist assessment, some practical guidelines were put in place. These guidelines, added to the thorough assessment work Gerry had done beforehand, were a transformation both emotionally and practically giving one teacher to tell me that my son was now an absolute delight to teach and the transformation had been amazing.
In an environment where so much is put on us as parents and our children both in the home and at school, I would highly recommend Gerry for her caring and gentle approach and the support she has given us as a family. Gerry’s obvious desire to see a happy, confident child is evident in all she does and her ability to help children view things as a positive challenge rather than a negative obstacle is amazing.'
Mrs G

‘N suddenly changed and as I call it now "the switching on of the lights" from some very dark days. All I know is he has turned into a happy healthy teenager, something I was wondering if I would ever see again. If I can help someone out in some small way I will gladly help as you did for me when I couldn't see through that horrid dark mist that is school refusal. Mrs T.’

I just want to say thank you for helping and guiding me so much during a time where I was quite unhappy. You really made my whole life a lot better. Thank you. T.

'Gerry is amazingly committed and focused and has worked miracles with some of our pupils. She always puts the child first, is reliable, punctual and available, and perseveres to make sure that a satisfactory (or better) outcome is reached. Highly recommended!'
J.Pain, The Clere School, Hants.



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